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The Big Move (to Drupal 7)

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WOW! This is the first (real) post on my site, after three (three!) years of stop. A lot of things to do, personal up and downs. But here I'd like to talk about another serious reasons why I haven't worked to this site for such a long time: I wanted to upgrade the version of Drupal, the CMS both this new and the old site were based on. Still at Drupal 4.7 version, the fact that they have come at 7 (and almost 8), started making me feel like I was walking over eggs (and you should feel the same in similar cyrcumstances).
I already expected this to be painful, so I've waited until I had some time and was inspired enough. And yes, first thing to say about is that Drupal has pros and cons and, among them, the upgrade process, despite significant improvement, is still a big thumb down. It took me several months of spare time to face it and below you find some account of this little adventure.

Disclaimer: this is going to be rather technical and if you want to embark on a similar experience, you'll do it at your own risk. If you don't even know what Drupal is (or a CMS), don't bother reading on...

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