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A Geek's Intro to Linked Open Data

I've had a chance to give this tutorial about Linked Open Data. It was at /dev/summer/2014, a very nice 1-day meeting, packed with a great variety of topics for software developers. It was very nice to go around the presentation rooms and get a bite of so many new topics.

I've adapted the material from a similar, longer tutorial.

Lunch Break during /dev/summer/2014

(Late) notes from ISWC 2008

I've eventually found time to review the notes from the last International Semantic Web Conference conference and put them in a clean document. Yes, it's a bit late, but I like to put this here and maybe someone will still find it interesting.

If you like the longer reading, please see the slides below. If you're looking for just short impressions, I can summarize them as follows.

A Database for Genomic Expression Data Management

This is the project that made me discover the charm of Bioinformatics, Microarrays and Biology. Here you can find:

PhD, Progress report of Mar 2006

Now I am working on my project from the EBI. This is a progress report where I show the application of the Semantic Web to my stuff.

Formal aspects of Ontologies for Knowledge Representation and Applications

A work done for the PhD course on Artificial Intelligence.

Bioinformatics, data management and integration, Semantic Web and perspectives

Presented at BTBS Bioinformatics Master, 2005 editition. Here the docs.

Web Services and Bioinformatics, Taverna, BioMOBY

A work done for the PhD course on Web Services.

Modeling the TLR signalling with Pi-Calculus

A work made for the PhD course on Theoretical Computer Science. Here the docs.

Blogs, RSS, Semantic Web: a Perspective

A presentation given during Linux Day 2005, the local edition organized by the Fermo Linux Users Group

PhD, Use cases and base modeling

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