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Cambridge after rain

The Bowing Mighty

The picture is taken from this fine article (in Italian) about the recent earthquake in the chinese region of Sichuan. It depicts a local leader bowing down and apologising for the young victims who died under the crash of school buildings.

Holidays in Croatia


According to the guide it seem you may learn this Cambridge popular activity, after little excercise. Reality...

Being World Champions in London

Piccadilly Circus, 9 Luglio 2006.

Decorations @EBI

Alghero, Sardinia

I've gone there recently for the second time. Two days busy in a business meeting and another two lazying around and relaxing. Good way to conclude a work...

Ely's cathedral

Gardens of Ely

Ely is a beautiful town in the Cambridgeshire. Among other attractions, there are some typical English gardens. Lovely. And someone is really funny too!

Fermo at sunset

Fermo is a town in Italian "Marche" county, where I was born, where still my parents live and that I always enjoy a lot when I return there!

Rome, Church of S. Paolo

From time to time some luck helps me in shooting a good photo!


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